General rental conditions

SARL ANNASKI, hereinafter referred to as "Annaski", provides on this website, hereinafter referred to as the "Website", the wherewithal to make bookings, hereinafter referred to as the "Booking(s)", by internet users visiting the Website, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer (s)", for the rental of winter sports equipment, hereinafter referred to as the "Rental" at the Annaski des Gets private ski room, hereinafter referred to as " the ski room”.
Annaski is a limited liability company with a capital of 1000 €, registered office: 21, Rue Andromède 74650 Chavanod - France, RCS Annecy n ° 833 695 471.

These General Conditions of Reservation (hereinafter referred to as "CGR") are concluded exclusively between ANNASKI and any Customer making a Reservation via the Website.

The CGRs define the conditions for the reservation of equipment on the Website, and are independent of the existing general rental conditions at the Annaski Private Ski Room.

The confirmation by the Customer of a Reservation on the Website implies for the latter full acceptance of these CGR. CGRs may be subject to change at the sole initiative of ANNASKI. The conditions applicable to a booking are those in force on the Website on the date of the corresponding booking.

Article 1: Capacity to contract
The Client declares themselves to be at least 18 years old and with the legal capacity to contract on the Website as well as to comply with these GCRs or has parental authorization allowing him to make a reservation on the Website.
ANNASKI reserves the right to refuse a reservation if there is a previous dispute in progress or an abnormally high level of reservation.

Article 2: Proposed equipment
The winter sport equipments offered for booking on the website is described and, it is specified that only categories of material are offered and,in no case, a specific model. The general characteristics of each of the offered categories appears on the website, as well as several examples of material corresponding to each category. The Customer selects and therefore reserves a category of equipment.

Article 3: Price
The price of the hire according to the categories is the one displayed on the website when booking. This has contractual value only after the booking has been confirmed and the payment of the deposit referred to in article 5 made.

ANNASKI reminds that the rates available on the website are only available for bookings made via the website. Thus, any equipment rental made directly within the Ski room (without booking on the Site) will be at the public rate of the Ski room.

Article 4: Booking Conditions
A booking on the Website may be made no later than the day before the start date of the requested rental period.
When booking on the Website, the customer selects the rental period then the category of equipment he wants to book.
After selecting the equipment, the customer will be asked to confirm his booking. The Customer must specify the first names of the persons using the material thus reserved. Only the payment of the deposit provided for in article 5 hereof will register the Booking made by the Customer on the Website.
The reservation is effective only when Annaski receives confirmation of the payment (via the bank) of the deposit requested in article 6.

Article 5: Terms of Payment of the rental price
When the customer confirms his booking request, the amount of the deposit (20% of the total amount), will appear on the website, hereinafter referred to as "the deposit" to be paid to ANNASKI by the Customer.

The balance of the rental price for the booking will be paid by the Customer directly to the Annaski Ski Room according to the conditions applied , which can be obtained by the Customer by making direct contact with Annaski Ski room. The stipulations of article 8 apply in case of modification of the Reservation.

Article 6: Method of Payment of the Deposit
The reservation will only be registered after payment of the deposit.
The deposit is payable by credit card via secure payment on the Website only.
Only bank cards bearing the initials CB, VISA, EUROCARD or MASTERCARD issued in France or within the framework of international networks regulated by GIE Cartes Bancaires, are accepted.
ANNASKI has entered into a service agreement concerning secure payment on the internet. This agreement aims to ensure all the functions necessary for the management of a payment service via internet and the secure payment over the internet.
The company "Ogone" manages the security of exchanges and ensures the protection of banking data and their management.
Customer must choose from the following acronyms CB, VISA, or MC (Mastercard) and enter the 16 digits and the expiry date of his credit card, as well as the three-digit security code on the back of the credit card.
The payment will only be considered made upon receipt by ANNASKI of the agreement of the central bank card network. In case of refusal of the central network of bank cards, ANNASKI reserves the right to cancel purely and simply the reservation previously recorded.
Upon receipt of the Down Payment Agreement, a reservation confirmation email will be sent to the Customer with the details of the reserved material, hereinafter referred to as the "Reserved Equipment", of the reserved rental period and the corresponding rental price and the name and address of the Ski-room where the equipment will be made available.
During the settlement transaction, a connection is automatically established with the bank's settlement processing server. Bank data is protected by encryption. They are kept by the bank only during the processing time of the transaction. They do not transit under any circumstances in the Annaski systems and are therefore not retained by the company.

Article 7: Terms of the Contract
The booking becomes effective upon receipt by Annaski of the agreement of the central bank card network and receipt by the Customer of a confirmation e-mail Reservation. These two conditions are cumulative.
The booking having thus been concluded, the store will be committed to the customer to rent the booked equipment according to terms and conditions set out in the booking and the CGRs, while the Customer agrees to take the booked equipment according to the same terms.

Article 8: Modification of a registered booking

Any change in category, size and / or quantity of the booked equipment will be in accordance with the conditions defined below.
If the change made is made within the legal withdrawal period referred to in Article 14, the difference between the two Reservations will be subject to a refund or additional deposit of not less than one euro (1 €).

If the change is made after the legal withdrawal period, two situations may occur:
a) If the amount of the new booking is greater than the initial booking, the additional deposit of a minimum amount of one euro (€ 1) must be paid on the Website.
b) If the amount of the new booking is less than the initial booking, no refund will be made to the initial deposit.
The effect on the rental price of the acceptance of such a modification will be taken into account when paying the balance of the rental price.

Article 9: Provision of reserved equipment - return of rented equipment - Rental period
The booked equipment will be made available to the person who made the booking.
In order to take possession of the booked equipment, the Customer will present to the Annaski Ski-Room the confirmation e-mail of his booking.
The booked equipment can be retrieved the day before the first day of rental indicated in the confirmation e-mail from 17h except in case of last minute booking.
The ski room will issue a rental voucher describing the equipment rented, the setting made on the bidings, the collection date of the equipment, the expected date of return of the equipment and the price. This voucher will be signed by the Customer when collecting the equipment.
In order to proceed to the collection of the equipment, the customer will have to present a piece of identity. The Ski room may request a print / pre-authorization debit card up to the amount of the rental. The amount of the remaining due to be paid in store will be paid upon collection of the equipment or after return of the equipment according to the general conditions of rental of the store. Otherwise, the rental can be refused by the Annaski Ski-room without any refund of the deposit possible.
The Annaski Ski-room may also require a deposit to cover the risk of damage, theft or loss of the rental Equipment. The amount and terms of the deposit are set by the Annaski Ski-room. This deposit will be returned to the customer upon return of rented equipment if no anomaly is found, and under the conditions specified in Article 12 hereof.
In case of delay in the collection of the booked equipment, the customer has to notify the renter. The Ski-room will keep the equipment booked by the Customer via the Website only until 10 am the day after the first rental day indicated in the Booking Confirmation Email. After this period, and without any news from the client, the booking will be considered canceled. The customer will then lose the benefit of his booking and the equipment will be rented again. No refund or compensation can be requested by the customer. The deposit remains acquired by Annaski.
The Rental takes effect when the Customer comes to register his rental and try his shoes, for the period indicated on the rental voucher. It therefore stops automatically at the date and time indicated on the rental voucher.
The rented equipment will be returned at the end of the day of the return day indicated on the rental voucher or the next day before 10 am. Any return of equipment after 10 am the day after the return day indicated on the rental voucher will make the customer liable to the Ski-room for a rental day at the rates displayed in the Ski-room. In this case, the Customer will owe the Ski-room as many additional days as there will be late days.
The rented equipment must be returned imperatively during the opening hours of the ski-room.
The return of rented equipment is mandatory at the end of the rental period provided under the penalties provided by Article 314-1 of the Penal Code, without it being necessary to send a formal notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and without the Client being able to invoke any impediment.

Article 10: Availability of reserved material
The Annaski Ski-room can not be held responsible for delays in making the booked equipment available in the case of “force majeure”. “force majeure” means any event beyond their control, unpredictable and irresistible, and as defined by case law, including the delay in the return of the booked equipment under the previous lease.
However, if it is impossible for the Ski-room to provide the Customer with the booked equipment. The Ski-room will make its best efforts to provide the customer with equipment of equal or greater quality for the same rental price.

Article 11: Use of rented equipment
Annaski reminds that the use of the rented equipment is essentially governed by the general conditions of rental of the Ski-room. Nevertheless, by choosing to book via the Site, the customer agrees to respect, at least, the following rules:
- The rented equipment is intended for the sole use of the persons mentioned in the booking (1 booked pack is intended for one and the same person), without any possibility of sublease, or loan even for free. The customer is the sole judge of the ability of these persons to use the rented equipment. He certifies that these persons and himself are able to use the equipment and that according to the instructions of use, with caution, without any danger to third parties. The customer freely chooses the category of equipment booked and rented and will remain solely responsible for any lack of adaptation of the equipment rented to the specific needs of the persons mentioned in the booking. However the ski-room team will check the information provided (weight, size and shoe size) when customer will collect equipment.

- The rented equipment can not be transfered or delivered as warranty. It is the property of Annaski

Article 12: Liability
customer’s responsibility
Regardless of the general rental conditions of the Annaski Ski-room in addition to these CGRs, the customer takes full responsibility for the rented equipment as soon as he takes possession of it. He remains responsible until full restitution as described in the stipulations provided for in article 9. He will use it in all circumstances by behaving like a "good familly’s father".
At the end of the rental period provided on the rental voucher, in the event of non-return on the date and time provided, the customer will remain solely responsible for the equipment he has in his possession until its effective return.
Failure to return the rented equipment, whatever the reason, will result in the invoicing by the Renter to the Customer the value of the product mentioned below after deducting the obsolescence of the equipment:

• Junior skis: 150 €
• Beginner skis: 280 €
• Intermediate skis: 400 €
• Skis confirmed: 500 €
• Expert skis: 650 €
• Premium skis: 900 €
• Junior shoes: 100 €
• Adult shoes: 250 €

The obsolescence rate applicable is 20% per year of age of the equipment (1 year being a complete season).

In the event the renter has requested a deposit, this billing will materialize by the retention of the deposit.
- The rented equipment is under the full responsibility of the customer as soon as he takes possession of it.
- The rented equipment can be changed (size, model or range) during the rental period. The positive or negative price difference caused by a change of scale will be paid by the tenant or the renter at the end of the contract.
- Any equipment offered for rent is acknowledged to be in good condition, and must be returned as such and in good clean condition.
- The material being numbered and marked and will have to be returnedd with its barcode.
- It is prohibited to affix any mark whatsoever with a marker pen or indelible pen on the equipment.
- The laying of labels is allowed, provided that they are removed, as well as the traces of glue, by the customer before the return of the material.

The Customer remains liable for any damage to rented equipment item apart from normal wear or hidden defects. It engages its responsibility for such degradation, which will result in the payment, by the customer to the renter, of the costs of repairing the equipment or even replacement the equipment. The maximum charge for replacement/repair applied will be the cost of replacing the equipment “as new’. This will be in additon to rental fees already paid. The customer agrees to pay these costs when returning equipment, if necessary by charging the deposit provided for in Article 9 hereof. All repairs are made exclusively by the renter.

Responsibility of Annaski
For any defects related to the quality and conformity of the equipment made available to the customer by the renter, the customer is invited to approach the Ski-room for any dispute concerning the equipment (maintenance, adjustment, conformity, etc.) and / or the quality of the reception in the store.

Article 13: Guarantee "degradation, loss and theft"
The renter offers a guarantee covering the risks of degradation, loss or theft of rented equipment. This guarantee, whose conditions and tariffs are freely defined by the Renter and posted in the Ski-room, can be subscribed directly from the Renter when the rented equipment is collected or when booking on the internet.

Article 14: Cancellation of the Reservation
14-1: Right of withdrawal
The Customer has a legal withdrawal period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the reservation confirmation e-mail.
However, this right of withdrawal can no longer be exercised if the Customer has removed the equipment booked in the Ski-room, before the expiry of the 14-day period.
Any request for retraction must be notified to Annaski by phone or email
The refund of the deposit will be made within a maximum period of 14 days, by crediting the credit card used at the time of booking.
If the Customer chooses a date of removal of the equipment less than 14 days and if it does not come to collect the equipment on the date planned, the booking will be purely and simply canceled and the deposit paid will not be refunded.

14-2: Cancellation before the collection of the booked equipment and after the withdrawal period
For any cancellation request made before the collection of the booked equipment and beyond the legal withdrawal period, the full deposit is retained by Annaski. The deposit will nevertheless be refundable in case this cancellation occurs as a result of a case of “force majeure” that the customer must justify. In such a situation, the refund of the deposit will be made within 14 days, by crediting the credit card used for the transaction.

14-3: Cancellation after collection of booked equipment
In the event of illness or accident of the Customer using the rented equipment (or any person for whom the equipment has been rented) and occurring during the expected rental period, the Rental remains in effect. However, the Customer may return the rented equipment concerned and the amount payable for the Rental of this equipment will be calculated in proportion to the number of days actually rented (on presentation of a medical certificate). Any rental day started will be due.

14-4: Cancellation due to weather conditions
In the event of an INTEGRAL closure of the ski area normally accessible from the Ski-room and only in this case, the rented equipment may be returned and the rental days concerned will be deducted.

Article 15: Personal Data
Private informations collected from the Customer is required to process the booking. Annaski commits to data protection under the conditions provided for in the section "Security-confidentiality" of the Website.

Article 16: Site Access License
Annaski grants a limited license to the access and the use of the site for the personal use of the Customer. In no case does this confer the right for the Customer to download or modify all or part of the Website without the express permission of SKI BREAK.
This license does not allow any other use, including commercial, of the site or its content (products, prices, descriptions, data, software, graphics, images, photographs ... without this list being exhaustive).
All elements of this site, whether audio or visual, including the technology used remain the property of Annaski and are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents.

Article 17: Integrality
These CGRs consists entirely of the clauses that compose them. The fact that Annaski does not take advantage at a given moment of one of these clauses can not constitute a waiver of the use of these clauses at a later date.
In case of invalidity of one of them, the other clauses remain valid.

Article 18: Complaint - Jurisdiction - Applicable Law
These General Conditions of Reservation are subject to French law.
In case of dispute concerning the interpretation and / or execution of these General Conditions of Reservation, the competent court will be the one of the place where the equipment is made available.

In addition, the customer is informed of the possibility of resorting, in case of a dispute, to a conventional mediation procedure or any other alternative method of dispute resolution, according to the Consumer Code provisions concerning "the process of mediation of consumer disputes"

If the user wishes to assert his right to retract in agreement with the conditions provided for in Article 14, he may use the form below:

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------
To Annaski,

I hereby notify you of my withdrawal from the contract for the following reservation (s):

- Name (s) and reference (s) of the article (s) reserved:
- Reserved on:
- Reservation number:
- Name of the Customer at the origin of the order:
- Customer's address at the origin of the order:

Signature of the client in case of notification of this form on paper:

Notification address:
- by post: Annaski, 2441 route des Grandes Alpes 74260 Les Gets - France
- by email: